Serengeti National Park, Tanzania


Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Graceful Encounter

Cheetah, Serengeti National Park


Victoria Falls


Sunset over Victoria Falls, Zambia.

Sunset over Victoria Falls, Zambia.


Some people think love is the end of the road, and if you’re lucky enough to find it, you stay there. Other people say it just becomes a cliff you drive off, but most people who’ve been around a while know it’s just a thing that changes day by day, and depending on how much you fight for it, you get it or you hold on to it, or you lose it. 

Colum McCann, Let the Great World Spin.

Couple 2.

St James’s Park, London.

Couple 3. 

St James’s Park, London

Blooming again.


Port de Cassis, France.

Cassis, France.